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There are many sites out there using the free stuff code. Here are some live online examples to give you an idea how other webmasters have used it on their sites. Some have built a special web page to seamlessly blend the free stuff content into their site. Others have designed stand alone but smaller web pages which are designed to initially draw in the visitors which can then surf other areas of the site. Because of space constraints, some webmasters prefer to use the smaller 'skinny" or "mini" versions and integrate them into their page content.
Coffee Fair Free Stuff Page - Classic Code Coffee Fair integrated the free stuff "Classic" code into their web site. Using a consistent site theme blends the free stuff content easily into their site. A link to home routes visitors to the site navigation menu. Google ads are placed at the top and bottom of the page to generate webmaster income. The webmaster of this site can advertise free stuff, traffic arrives for the freebies and they can then visit the remainder of the web site. Visit Live Site | Get the code
1 Rosebud free dating advice, news, information and education.1 Rose Bud used the free stuff "Basic" code which is cleaner but contains less content. A good choice for a site like this which has other content banners and just wants to use the free stuff links without adding any other banners or additional information. As above, Google ads are being used by this Webmaster along the left side of the free stuff content and product banners along the bottom and right side of the page. Visit Live Site | Get the code
Free T-Shirts Free Stuff Page - Skinny Code Free Teez is a t-shirt related site that already had freebie site link and other content so they decided to use the "Skinny" code.Similar to the basic code, just narrower to fit half page areas easier and cleaner. Especially important if you already have content on the other half as they do. When traffic arrives to see the free stuff content they can't help but see your "other" page of content while there. That's really the whole point. Visit Live Site | Get the code
Free Coffee Site Free Stuff Page - Mini Code Free Coffee Site has a page where they give away free software. There was plenty of content on that page and little room for any of the above free stuff pages/code so using the "Mini" code was the best choice. In this case they placed it along the right side of their software content. Their visitors now have the option of checking out free software or coming back another day to check out the newest available freebies. Visit Live Site | Get the code

It's easy & it's free. You'll also receive free visitors to your site.

Some webmasters will use our code for a week then remove it from their site and that's perfectly fine. Some might use it for a month or so until their site is well established and that's OK too. You control your site so the decision is completely yours. The free stuff code and content is FREE, however our time to add links to this page and then remove them a week later is not. Want to be added here?