Soft workshop

Q: Is the free stuff code really free, is it a trial or is there an obligation on my part later on for anything?

A: Yes it's free to you and there is no trial. You have no obligation now or later and we don't even ask for donations or any sillyness like that.

Q: What can I expect from using the free stuff code, what will it do for me and my site?

A: You'll have immediate content for your current visitors, it will draw people to your site, and it'll entice them to return at a later date.

Q: How difficult is to get my free stuff page up and running, is there any special coding required by me?

A: It's not difficult... copy the free stuff code, paste it into the page where you want it to show, upload your page - done. No coding, it's ready to use.

Q: Will the Freebie Direct increase my page rank or increase my visitors through the search engines?

A: No on your page rank because the content is hosted here. Might increase your visitors based on the "content" located on your free stuff page.

Q: Do I have to link back to Freebie Direct or give you credit for the freebie content?

A: No. Oon the free stuff "classic" code there's a link so others can get the free code, but it can be "hidden" by reducing the height of your iframe.

Q: How do I get listed as a site using your free stuff code so I can get some free traffic from the people visiting here, and is it free?

A: It's easy. Please read more on the get listed page. Yes, it's free. We don't charge for it and it's a direct benefit to you plus it's a permanent link.

Q: What are the requirements to have a widget listed here, and what do I need to do?

A: Must be your creation, on your web page, simple for the visitors to get, and cannot have any ads in it. Email us a link to it and we'll check it out.

Q: Do you accept text or banner advertising at Freebie Direct, or can we trade web site links with you?

A: We have ads on a few pages to pay for the monthly server fee, but we don't accept paid ads, sorry. We don't trade links but might do that later on.

Q: What is the best way to use you free stuff code so I can maximize my results?

A: Name your page "free-stuff" or something similar, include other content around the iframe, link to your home page and tell others about it.

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