Soft workshop

It's simple iframe html that you place on your web page. The free stuff content pages are hosted on our server, however to your visitors your freebie content will look just like your own. Once the simple code is placed by you (takes less then a minute) it's completely hands off and automatic since we keep the free stuff content updated for you - free!

You've just launched your brand new web site and don't have enough content to engage your visitors or because it's a new site and you want to attract new visitors to your site through your free stuff..

You have an established web site with content but want to add free stuff yet not not want to deal with the hassles of keeping the freebie links updated.

Either way, traffic arrives for the freebies and as most people do they surf your site, like what they see, bookmark you and return another day!

More Free Stuff content for you  Free stuff content, get yours free.

There are currently four main types of free stuff code available to you. Classic which includes free stuff links, banners and links to other related freebie sites and similar free stuff. Basic which is the Clasic code minus the banners and the related free stuff site links. Skinny which is a slimmed down version of basic, normally used and displayed in 1/2 page format and finally the Mini which has 3 size variations; a full mini (long) plus two shorter versions. All have customizable borders so you can cheese it up a bit if you like. After making your free stuff page we recommend you can name it "free-stuff", "freestuff", "freebies", my-freestuff" or something similar to that.